Social Media Marketing

Don’t settle for eyeballs when your work could be getting shares, comments and, most importantly: sales.


In-person or virtual team training to help you strategize and communicate better. You’ll create and distribute content that aligns with your goals, matters to your customers and makes your business shine.

For almost a decade now, I’ve been integrating social media into marketing campaigns  for people like you.

I KNOW WHAT WORKS and have the results to prove it.

It doesn’t matter if your budget is eight dollars a day or thousands a day. I can help you create and run social media marketing campaigns based on my success.

Recently I led a team to develop creative and innovative solutions to meet the challenges of serving the public during the pandemic.
Results included driving over $2 MILLION in sales to virtual events.

Here are a few other things I’ve done recently for small businesses:

  1. I led a client through the process of consolidating their marketing spend. We trimmed some platforms and focussed on loyal customers to leverage growth.

    The results exceeded revenue estimates by 40% with no increase to the budget.

  2. Created social media campaigns that drew hundreds of participants to ZOOM events. Some of these were free, lead-generating events and others were paid events that generated profitable revenue.
  3. Published a series of Facebook and Instagram Stories that received over 2.7 million organic views and drove incremental revenue.


Dororthy Downs

“In the third year of our festival we wanted to take our social media marketing to the next level. As well as creating an email campaign with the highest open rate we’d ever seen, Keith’s passion for ticket sales and social media storytelling kept us on track and was a major factor in setting box office records.”

Dorothy Downs
Executive Director Forest City Film Festival

Eileen Smith Artistic Producer Hermione Presents SpringWorks: indie theatre & arts festivals

Working with our team and the external marketing agency, eMotivate Marketing+Design, Keith’s contribution included participating in a webinar providing artists with social media skills training. His guidance and expertise helped create a strong initial momentum in a time of change. Early-bird ticket sales grew by 16%.”

Eileen Smith
Artistic Producer
Hermione Presents, SpringWorks: indie theatre & arts festivals

Richard D'Ambrosio

“Keith provided tremendous expertise and a wonderful style for teaching the standing-room-only session on social media at the Travel MarketPlace conference in Toronto. His ability to take complex information and help business owners understand it, and most importantly, how to deploy a social strategy with clear tactics, is what made the session such a success. The industry needs more speakers and instructors like Keith, to move entrepreneurs and others beyond ambiguous aphorisms, and into successful business strategies.”

Richard D’Ambrosio
Retail Agency Editor, Travel Market Report


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